Here’s is why your Long-Term Disability Insurance was denied

Have you ever thought about how you will be able to pay your bills when you suddenly develop a medical condition that forces you to stop working? Yes, it is only long-term disability insurance (LTDI) that will come to your rescue at this moment. You need to get insured with a reliable company to safeguard your financial future and health.

However, not everyone that applies for long-term disability insurance (LTDI) gets approved. It is, therefore, recommended to consult with a CIGNA disability attorney to find out why an insurance company can decide to cancel or reject your LTDI application.

Are you overweight?

Your weight can determine whether the insurance company will accept your LTDI application or not. Insurance companies have a height-weight chart that they use to determine your approval for insurance coverage on long-term disabilities.

They have set a specific height-weight ratio that all applicants must beat to qualify for an insurance cover. Note that the insurance company may ask you to pay inflated premiums if you are overweight because they believe you are at risk of developing a disability.

Video surveillance not satisfactory

The insurance company can investigate your workplace once they have enrolled you in an LTD cover. The video surveillance that the insurance investigators will take from your place of work must confirm the disability claim you’ve presented to them. The insurance company can reject your application if there is inconsistency in your performance and disability claims.


Insurance companies take self-prescription on drugs as a serious issue that can cause health problems. That means, if you are a doctor and you append to prescribe some medication for yourself, then they will deny your disability claim without looking back.

Ideally, physicians are the most affected by this because they are more likely to treat themselves. The insurance company relies on your medical records for the last two years. So, before applying for LTDI, it is vital to check your medical history and how you have been using prescription drugs.

Unresolved medical issues

If you see a doctor for medical examination and treatment, it is essential to ensure they have fully resolved your treatment. Also, the doctor should indicate on the medical report that they have treated you adequately and the illness is resolved. Failure to do this, an insurance underwriter may go through your medical records and give a contrary verdict on whether you deserve an LTDI or not. The medical evidence should be adequate to prove your disability condition.

You don’t meet the disability definition

Not all medical and physical conditions meet the definition of a disability. Notably, any insurance company will deny the LTD application if your medical condition does not qualify to be a disability. Before applying for any LTDI, you must ensure that you are eligible for LTD and you are conversant with the application criteria.

Wrap up

Not everyone that applies for long-term disability insurance gets the cover they want. As mentioned above, most of the issues resulting in the LTD application base on individuals’ negligence. You must understand the criteria and requirement for applying for LTDI in most of the insurance companies to boost your chances of getting compensation when you can no longer go to work and pay your bills on time.